About The Half Blood Report

We are a podcast run by huge fans of Rick Riordan and Percy Jackson. Here we discuss fan theories, upcoming books, and review old favorites, and more!


Samuel Bachman is a film student in 9th grade at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. He is an avid Rick Riordan fan, and has been reading Uncle Rick’s books for more than half his life. He is a reader, writer, film-maker, editor (of podcasts & films), and teenager. He thought up the idea for The Half-Blood Report while reading the Percy Jackson series to his younger sister.


Diego Gonzalez is a 13-year-old entrepreneur that currently attends Hunter College High School in NYC. He has attended multiple hackathons and has won many of them. His writings have been featured in multiple magazines, and his interview can be found on The Harvard Business Review. You can follow him on twitter @diegodggt

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