Learn about conventions, live Recordings, Panels, and other events. Due to COVID-19 events, for the time being, are on pause. browse through some pictures of past events


Video With Rick

As many of you may already know we did a video interview with Rick Riordan discussing the Tower of Nero. In this video, we talk about characters, and themes that will show up in the much-anticipated conclusion to the Camp Half-Blood chronicles.

It Seems You've Reached the End of Upcoming Events

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Trivia Live Stream

We hosted a trivia live stream to raise money for Binc.org, a foundation that helps struggling bookstores especially during these trying times. The competitors were Julia (popular booktuber areadersworld), Fran (youtuber ahealthydoesoffran and host of a PJO podcast), and Zack (cohost of Radio Camp Half-blood).



Diego was able to attend Boskone 47, the longest-running science fiction & fantasy convention in New England. He got a fantasy-filled weekend with panels, readings, kids activities, small-group discussions, videos, games, and more. Check out some pictures from the event.

Tristan Strong book launch

WE attended the Tristan Strong Book launch at Books of wonder. Here we interviewed kwame mbalia in our first-ever interview. There was a speech, signings, and lots of cookies! WE had a ton of fun. we also bumped into carlos hernandez there.